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The Tents

Manufactured in the US, the Capri Marquee has made a significant impression on the event hire industry over the last twenty years. Being a frameless tension tent they require minimal manpower and no prior experience to erect. They are beautifully simple, in short:

  • One person can erect a 28ft x 38ft marquee (fits 80 seated / 100 standing) in 40 mins offering huge savings on man hours.

  • ​Attractive design offers a higher rental returns compared to standard bland marquees. Combined with speed of erection this makes for a great ROI.  

  • ​An easy add-on to an existing hire business or a proven product around which to build a new business.

  • Ideal for venues, pubs, clubs, schools, etc

  • No guy ropes means tents sit on their own footprint enabling assembly in very tight areas / gardens where the only alternative may be a bland bog standard tent.

  • Modular design and multiple sizes enable marquees to be linked creating courtyards, chill out areas, bars, dance tents and dining areas for small to large events.

  • Elegant style means that they can be used for anything from formal weddings to backyard parties, trade shows or school fetes.

  • Start-ups can get their own hire business off the ground with no previous technical or events industry knowledge. 

  • A 28ft x 38ft tent fits in the back of an estate car and you can store multiple marquees and furniture in a garage.

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