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Through our ‘Marquees Over' hire businesses in Hawke's Bay and Wanaka, we introduced Capri Marquees to New Zealand in 2010.


We had come across the marquees when we hired one in the UK in 2009. We loved the look and simplicity of the tent and despite having no previous experience of running an event hire business, before we knew it we were the NZ and Australia distributors for Capri Marquees and running two hire businesses!


With a product that was unproven in NZ, selling new marquees in to a very established and back then, comparatively limited rental market, sales were slow so we decided to focus solely on our rental businesses. Ten years later we now have considerable experience running hire businesses, we have thoroughly tried and tested the tents both physically in the elements and financially as a business model and they have come through with flying colours!


With nearly 25 years in the UK / US and a decade here this is a thoroughly proven product yet the timeless, elegant design means it is not dated. Not only do they look great but being so quick to set up they offer what is probably the best return on investment (ROI) in the events business. Buyers of Capri Marquees include established hire businesses; start up hire businesses; wedding and event venues; pubs; clubs; schools, etc.

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