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 Distributors for the fabulous Capri Marquee in New Zealand and Australia
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Through our ‘Marquees Over' hire businesses in Hawke's Bay and Wanaka, we introduced Capri Marquees to New Zealand in 2010.


We had come across the marquees when we hired one in the UK in 2009. We loved the look and simplicity of the tent and despite having no previous experience of running an event hire business, before we knew it we were the NZ and Australia distributors for Capri Marquees and running two hire businesses!


With a product that was unproven in NZ, selling new marquees in to a very established and back then, comparatively limited rental market, sales were slow so we decided to focus solely on our rental businesses. Ten years later we now have considerable experience running hire businesses, we have thoroughly tried and tested the tents both physically in the elements and financially as a business model and they have come through with flying colours!


With nearly 25 years in the UK / US and a decade here this is a thoroughly proven product yet the timeless, elegant design means it is not dated. Not only do they look great but being so quick to set up they offer what is probably the best return on investment (ROI) in the events business. Buyers of Capri Marquees include established hire businesses; start up hire businesses; wedding and event venues; pubs; clubs; schools, etc.

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Beautiful Simplicity

The Tents

Manufactured in the US, the Capri Marquee has made a significant impression on the event hire industry over the last twenty years. Being a frameless tension tent they require minimal manpower and no prior experience to erect. They are beautifully simple, in short:

  • One person can erect a 28ft x 38ft marquee (fits 80 seated / 100 standing) in 40 mins offering huge savings on man hours.

  • ​Attractive design offers a higher rental returns compared to standard bland marquees. Combined with speed of erection this makes for a great ROI.  

  • ​An easy add-on to an existing hire business or a proven product around which to build a new business.

  • Ideal for venues, pubs, clubs, schools, etc

  • No guy ropes means tents sit on their own footprint enabling assembly in very tight areas / gardens where the only alternative may be a bland bog standard tent.

  • Modular design and multiple sizes enable marquees to be linked creating courtyards, chill out areas, bars, dance tents and dining areas for small to large events.

  • Elegant style means that they can be used for anything from formal weddings to backyard parties, trade shows or school fetes.

  • Start-ups can get their own hire business off the ground with no previous technical or events industry knowledge. 

  • A 28ft x 38ft tent fits in the back of an estate car and you can store multiple marquees and furniture in a garage.

How to Buy

If you are looking at starting a new hire business speak to us about the best combination of tent sizes to buy to cover multiple different event options.


For venues, pubs. clubs and schools – let us know what you need it for and we can specify the most suitable tent for you.


We hold very limited stock of tents – lead in is usually circa 16 weeks from order via sea freight. We also sell used tents at the end of each season. 

Where to Rent

If you are a setting up a rental business we shall supply a link from our site to yours to direct regional enquiries to you. As you can see from the areas currently covered there is huge potential across the country to offer a new product.

How to Buy
Where to Rent
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Sizes and Layouts

Tent Sizes 

There are four different Capri Marquee sizes available.

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 4.47.27 PM.png

20ft  x 20ft

6m x 6m*

24 seated or 32 standing

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 4.47.47 PM.png

20ft x 30ft

6m x 9m*

48 seated or 60 standing

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 4.47.27 PM.png

28ft x 28ft

8.5m x 8.5m*

40 seated or 54 standing

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 4.47.47 PM.png

28ft x 38ft

8.5m x 11.5m*

80 seated or 100 standing

All four tents come with a combination of clear and white sides which can be easily attached in the event of bad weather.  

* Indicates approximate size. 

Design Layouts

The Capri Marquee is incredibly smart and stylish. The modular design enables multiple marquees to be connected, for example, creating a cool “outdoor room” vibe with dining tent, bar tent, night club tent and chill out areas by using a combination of one or more of the four different sized tents.  The options are endless.

Example design:

Seats 172 guests:

  • Three 28ft x 38ft marquees

  • One 20ft x 30ft marquee

  • Sixteen 1.5m round table

  • Two 1.2m round tables

  • Three 2m trestle tables

  • 172 chairs

  • One 10m x 5m dance floor

  • Twelve beanbags

  • Four ottomans

  • Two braziers

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